Samsung granddaughter turns heads in Versace dress at family wedding appearance

Article: Lee Jae Yong's daughter makes wedding guest appearance, what brand did she choose for her guest dress?

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+2,332, -35] I wonder how many countries she had to save in her previous life to be born as Lee Jae Yong's daughter.. I'm jealous

2. [+1,999, -56] So good to see~ Please look after your father. He may be your father but he is also the pillar of our country~ fighting to the Samsung family

3. [+946, -26] His ex-wife is dating Lee Jung Jae, I hope that Lee Jae Yong finds someone who makes him happy too

4. [+781, -26] Very nice to see a chaebol family having a humble wedding at a chapel

5. [+769, -20] So good to see~~ both father and daughter have such a kind look to them

6. [+181, -2] Really humanizes Lee Jae Yong seeing him walk around with one hand in his pocket, one arm around his daughter ㅋㅋ

7. [+155, -2] Imagine being born and your grandfather is Lee Gun Hee, your father is Lee Jae Yong ㅋㅋ and you keep growing and realizing your beauty is celebrity-tier, you ahve your grandfather's brains, your father's prodigal genes. I hope that she continues growing well and becomes a pillar of our country just like her grandfather and father 👍

8. [+128, -2] The only woman who can make Lee Jae Yong hold up an umbrella for her, how amazing

9. [+106, -2] There's such a class to the Samsung children.. and it's not just because they're rich

10. [+71, -2] For a chaebol, a Versace dress was quite the humble pick~ ㅎ

11. [+56, -3] She really is the princess of our country

12. [+21, -3] Even a chaebol is your average 'daughter babo' who wants to show her off. I bet he went around to everyone bragging "she's starting at Harvard this year"


Source: Nate

1. [+1,892, -60] Quite the humble dress cost for her

2. [+1,465, -52] Imagine being born as Lee Gun Hee's granddaughter, Lee Jae Yong's daughter 👍

3. [+555, -21] To the rest of us, I guess that's the equivalent of wearing a 3,900 won dress from the clearance section

4. [+97, -1] Even a dress like that looks like real luxury on her, not excessive at all. So different from the new rich who try so hard to make it obvious that what they're wearing is expensive.

5. [+88, -2] I figured she didn't care much about living lavishly after seeing her wear Vans through her school years. She seems like a humble yet outgoing type of personality.

6. [+71, -0] Even the CEO of the biggest company in our country will hold an umbrella up for his own daughter ㅋ

7. [+60, -2] The real South Korean princess

8. [+50, -1] She's always been known for not showing off her chaebol status since being in school. Seems like it's the Samsung way of educating their children.

9. [+38, -1] The biggest chaebol leader of our country holds his own umbrella, makes me laugh how some celebrities think they're too good and have staff hold it up for them

10. [+29, -5] The true prince and princess of our country