Does 'Money Heist: Korea' live up to the hype of the original?

Article: 'Money Heist' was thought to save Netflix... but fails to localize to Korean audience

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+1,219, -23] Aside from Berlin, their acting is just... Jang Yoon Joo is such a miscast for Nairobi

2. [+655, -23] What's with all of their acting.. I can't bear to watch this

3. [+437, -14] The set is so shabby... and the CG is too obvious. Why are the lines so cringey too? ㅜ And their acting feels like they're all in a theater performance ㅜ I never saw the original so I was able to feel the tension towards the end but what was the point of the remake at all if this is how they were going to do it???

4. [+342, -18] If it's being set in South Korea, they needed to have changed it up a bit but they really just copied the exact plot over

5. [+141, -19] Yoo Ji Tae... so overrated 😣

6. [+96, -1] The narration in the beginning already turned me off. Even just reading out of a book would sound more natural than that.

7. [+95, -0] First of all, the acting is just bad. The sets are poorly designed, straight out of some outdated drama... Whatever the case, the acting's bad and the cast doesn't seem to come together in any cohesive way...

8. [+95, -1] Would've been much better to have Kim Sung Oh as Berlin and Park Hae Soo as the professor

9. [+90, -2] Jang Yoon Joo's terrible acting...

10. [+80, -13] Maybe because I never saw the original but I thought it was fun ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

11. [+65, -2] I suggest people just re-watch the original instead

12. [+49, -0] I don't think this is a flop because it's too similar to the original, I think it's a flop because of the terrible acting, all of the miscastings, and the mess of direction.

13. [+45, -2] Awkward acting, almost as if they didn't understand their own characters. None of them seemed to understand who they were supposed to be playing. Huge disappointment.

14. [+36, -3] I enjoyed the original so much that I had high hopes for this remake but the plot was basically a copy and paste, and I couldn't even get halfway through the first episode. If only they had switched up the plot a little bit... 

15. [+28, -0] I never saw the original so I enjoyed it... but Jang Yoon Joo's acting is unbearable. Her acting's so terrible.