Hani reveals two year relationship with celebrity psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong

Article: Hani and Yang Jae Woong "overcame 9 year age gap" dating news

Source: Wikitree via Instagram + TBig News via YouTube

1. [+308] Reminds me of this one comment that said humanity has so many things to overcome so why try to overcome age gaps of all things ㅎ

2. [+105] Gotta go public with the relationship if you want to get married. Hani doesn't seem like the type to be in a longterm relationship without future plans. I always knew she'd end up with a smartie with a professional job.

3. [+75] They look so alike. Their nose and the length of their faces are the exact same.

4. [+64] They've been dating for two years??? ㅋㅋㅋ Daebak, I wonder if marriage is in the plans for them to come out with it now..

5. [+48] She's always seemed to be interested in the psychological side of things. Perhaps she found charm in a man who could console her psychologically.

6. [+39] I always thought this doctor was charming with good looks to boot... and now he's dating Hani!!! While I was initially surprised, they seem like a great match upon closer look...

7. [+38] He seems like someone who would provide her with stability. He has a professional job and seems like someone who wants his woman to lean on him ^^ I hope they have a happy relationship

8. [+23] He's more handsome than I thought, didn't know he was Yang Jae Jin's dongsaeng...

9. [+26] They match!! I wish Hani happiness

10. [+16] They match better than I thought...!! They both have that no nonsense personality 😍

11. [+32] I heard that he used to date Han Go Eun..

12. [+27] So that's why he was relating so hard to that man's story of hitting on a woman 9 years younger than him...

13. [+14] It's usually marriage in the works when celebrities randomly announce dating news like this..