Recording of high school iljins bullying in an alleyway goes viral

 Article: Scene of school violence filmed at construction site spreading quickly on YouTube

Source: Insight via Instagram [YouTube video]

1. [+2,254] I hope that all children realize that in this day and age, you have no guarantee that your act of bullying will not be captured on film by someone else. Whoever filmed this and reported it is a hero.

2. [+1,786] Their identities must be publicly revealed and this must be left on their records

3. [+1,118] I can't believe stuff like this still exists 😡🤬 Please do not go easy on them just for being students ❌

4. [+735] Why are they like this... All that you get out of this is a red mark on your record..

5. [+230] So are the police going to investigate this or not? I'm so enraged right now 🤬😡

6. [+195] I want to take a look at what their parents look like

7. [+81] Aigoo... what will they grow up to become 😢

8. [+9] Scary 😢

9. [+25] We must raise our kids to not only not hit others but to also not just take it when they're hit

10. [+33] Evidence is everything. Whoever recorded this is a hero.

11. [+27] Why bother blurring their faces out? 

12. [+24] Students should not be given lenient punishment for being young but actually sentenced harsher, and their parents should be included in their punishment as well.

13. [+23] This pisses me off so hard...

14. [+20] They will regret these actions one day in the future when they're barred from pursuing their dreams because of this

15. [+35] I hope this follows them for the rest of their lives. They won't realize just how big of a mistake they're making until they have kids of their own... They're hopeless. Their parents are just as much to blame for raising them to be like this. No kid is born evil... what a bitter reality ㅜㅜ