Kim Shin Young denies dating rumors with Oh My Girl's Jiho

Article: Kim Shin Young puts out clarification regarding dating rumors with former Oh My Girl member Jiho

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+1,338] How did people even imagine all of this? 

2. [+1,099] Don't a lot of girls wear friendship rings and share clothes with their friends? Are they all dating now then?? People are way too bored these days ㅡㅡ

3. [+373] I don't want to see Kim Shin Young. Remember when she said on a radio show that she once fed her dog wasabi and mocked it when it was acting tortured by it. 

4. [+92] This really got in the news..? If this is considered dating, then I'd be considered married to my friends..;

5. [+21] My friend wears my pajamas.. and we bought couple t-shirts too.. looks like we're going to get into a dating scandal..

6. [+49] Wait, these rumors were taken seriously..? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's so outlandish

7. [+13] Who even came up with such nonsense rumors?

8. [+7] I saw this stuff circulating around on Instagram before I read news of her clarifying it but they really did make the pictures look as if they were a couple.. I'm sure she must feel really hurt by this

9. [+6] Hmm 😳 Women normally share their clothes with their friends and let them borrow outfits and such 🤨

10. [+4] What a scary world... now you can get swept in dating rumors with a same sex friend if you act too close

11. [+5] What??? Huh??

12. [+3] Crazy... why would you even turn someone into a lesbian for no reason... wow