Aespa invited to perform at Coachella

 Article: Aespa is the first K-Pop group to stand as a main stage at Coachella

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+152] Black Pink was the sub main stage at Coachella. Aespa is the first main stage invite for a K-Pop group.

2. [+59] Black Pink - first sub stage official invite (first K-Pop group at Coachella), 2NE1 - first main stage, Aespa - first main stage official invite = all three are different~~ and it's officially an 'invite' so please don't cause confusion. All three teams attended as Korean girl groups so all you have to do is support them ㅋㅋ ㅜㅜㅠ

3. [+54] Are they finally going to sing live?
- [+13] Aespa still lacks performance skills and lip syncs often so I'm curious to see if they can have the stage presence that Black Pink and 2NE1 have

4. [+27] At Coachella, what matters more than whether you're a main or sub is whether you're a headliner or not. To easily understand, it goes main head > sub head (Black Pink) > main stage (CL and 2NE1), Aespa) > sub stage. In 2019, the main head was Ariana and Black Pink was the sub head. Main heads get 2-3 hours of their own stage while the sub head gets about 1-2 hours. Aespa wasn't originally in the line-up so I'm wondering when and how they'll perform.

5. [+27] Aespa is under CAA and Coachella has worked with CAA artists for a long time. Since Aespa contracted with CAA, I had a feeling that they'd be invited to Coachella, since that was probably one of SM's goals..

6. [+6] Will they finally sing live? But I wonder how much of a stage presence they will have compared to Black Pink or 2NE1...

7. [+19] Main head > sub head > main stage > sub stage, and out of these categories, Aespa is the third main stage

8. [+30] Whatever the case, they are popular enough to stand on the main stage!

9. [+9] Coachella determines time slots depending on your popularity and whether you perform during the day or at night. It goes main head > sub head > main stage > sub stage. Black Pink was invited in 2019 as a sub head on the official line-up and performed for an hour each on week 1 and 2. Aespa is lined up for the main stage week 2, and seeing as how they're not on the line-up, they must be BoA's special guest.

10. [+2] The first girl group to 'stand' on the main stage ws 2NE1, the first girl group to be 'invited' to the main stage is Aespa.