Single's Inferno star Cha Hyunseung to get into acting

Article: Sunmi's dancer -> Single's Inferno, Cha Hyunseung to transform into an actor after seducing the hearts of women

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+92] As expected, dating shows are just avenues for self promotions...

2. [+61] I don't know about acting...

3. [+49] I wouldn't say he has a face for it...

4. [+12] So it was all planned

5. [+1] So random?

6. [+1] I guess that's why he chose to go on the show

7. [+1] And this is why I don't watch dating shows... it's all just self promotion in the end

8. [+4] Eh?!

9. [+3] Acting...?

10. [+1] I wonder if he's going to get his tattoos removed then

11. [+1] He just looks like some average guy with a good body, I don't get why people are so crazy over him ㅋㅋㅋ