Netflix unveils 'Hellbound' on the heels of 'Squid Game' success

 Article: Netflix reveals webtoon-based drama 'Hellbound'... can it continue the success of 'Squid Game'?

Source: Kyunghyang News via Naver

1. [+712, -20] It would've been easier to watch without so many scenes of the streamer... they really needed to cut back on his scenes or something..

2. [+839, -156] I enjoyed it

3. [+612, -166] I found it boring~

4. [+296, -71] The plot moved at a slow pace and lacked so much detail that didn't make sense with reality. The CG also sucked... hmm.

5. [+238, -35] I'm watching it right now but it's not really drawing me in or anything compared to 'Squid Game'.. I don't think it's fair to compare the two~!

6. [+173, -9] I wonder if Netflix is only going to pick up Korean shows that are this dark and gory? I want a hopeful and positive story to gain popularity in the future.

7. [+103, -5] It pisses me off that the streamer ruined the show like this. Was this really the best they could do?

8. [+102, -6] It's depressing to think about... people being riled up by fake news, evil people taking advantage of the situation to control the world... no different from our political world, I suppose.

9. [+88, -12] I liked that the philosophical message of the drama was very clear. It didn't matter to me that the story didn't make sense realistically. It's not worse than 'Squid Game' for me.

10. [+76, -2] I wanted to turn it off so many times because I couldn't stand the streamer

11. [+72, -4] I think this is a show people will either love or hate. You're going to hate it if you thought this was some Marvel universe where things get destroyed but if you think about the philosophical messaging behind the plot, you'll enjoy it a lot more. It's a good example of the kind of influence religion has on people and the instincts of humanity. The monsters are just a vehicle for the story. Ultimately, it's not a drama about monsters. It's quite heavier and darker than that.

12. [+76, -20] People are going to love it or hate it, and I think mostly hate it.

13. [+74, -18] It's not as good as 'Squid Game' but I found it satisfying. Yoo Ah In and Park Jung Min's acting were great and I thought the graphics were alright.

14. [+56, -4] The Arrowheads pissed me off... and I was confused why everyone bowed down after the first ceremony. However, the grim reapers had quite the force..

15. [+49, -3] I couldn't stand the noisy streamer..

16. [+42, -1] It was hell having to watch how much screentime the streamer got