Kim Hyun Joo keeps it fresh despite 'Hellbound' being her 4th lawyer character in 5 years

 Article: "The lawyer from 'Hellbound'... the actress who shot to fame with her CF "this broth is amazing"

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

1. [+551, -1] She's a winner of an acting daesang and has never experienced a day of being a nobody since her debut. It makes me laugh that articles like this are treating her like she's someone new, but I suppose the younger kids these days wouldn't know who she is. She's taken long hiatuses but she's still considered top class here, and it's rude to think of her otherwise.

2. [+187, -2] Kim Hyun Joo is quite the name but the article makes her sound like a nugu

3. [+92, -0] Unless the journalist is in their twenties... Kim Hyun Joo is a daesang winner, it's rude to call her anything but...

4. [+47, -1] Everyone already knows who she is with or without the CF reference

5. [+29, -1] She's taken on long projects like 'Toji' and 'The Merchant', and is great at romance dramas too. She's not like the other actresses in their forties who still think they can pull off characters who are 20 or 30 year olds. She's a real actor and has built a completely different career trajectory for herself than the others who do nothing but romance dramas day in and day out.

6. [+26, -0] I love her because so many other actresses in their forties are busy getting botox and fat fillers while Kim Hyun Joo has let herself age naturally. It's so much nicer to see.

7. [+14, -3] I loved her acting transformation... I enjoyed the drama very much

8. [+11, -0] I don't think there's anyone who doesn't know who she is? 

9. [+10, -0] She's an amazing actress that most people in their 30s-40s already know, right??

10. [+9, -0] There were a lot of extreme characters in 'Hellbound' and I thought she played a great balancing role between all of them. I loved her action scenes as well.

11. [+8, -0] She is not an actress who needs any further explanation

12. [+5, -0] Kim Hyun Joo is an A+ list actress... there has never been a moment in her career where nobody knew who she was..