Actor Go Se Won issues apology, promises to take responsibility

Article: Actor Go Se Won under controversy for private life "broke up after pregnancy"... issues apology "I will take responsibility for this"

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

1. [+4,838, -92] Man or woman, if you don't plan on getting married, please use protection, tsk tsk

2. [+2,792, -47] If you don't want to take responsibility for a life and only want to keep the relationship at dating status, use protection or get a vasectomy~~~ I don't understand how both men and women have the audacity to not use protection and then talk about responsibility after the fact~~~~!!! Especially two adults who should know better! News like this is so frustrating.

3. [+1,704, -87] I wonder why he's only sorry after news has already gotten out to the entire nation?

4. [+1,311, -107] Women need to pass on men who refuse to use protection and men need to watch out for women who manipulate pregnancies for their own gain. Actually, just skip anyone who refuses to use protection.

5. [+472, -16] He broke up with her when she told him she was pregnant... that obviously means he doesn't have any feelings for her. He's only promising to take care of her for the sake of his image now that it's out to the public but I don't know how easy it's going to be to live with a man who doesn't love you... who feels like he's constantly looking elsewhere but at you. Even if it feels like it's too late, it's probably better to just wait for someone who genuinely loves you.

6. [+271, -18] I just don't get what she expects the public to do by posting about t like this...

7. [+189, -25] It's annoying that they're taking a private matter to the public stage

8. [+169, -11] It's being a basic human being to take responsibility of the life you created. Even animals protect their own offspring.

9. [+160, -4] The fact that he's 44 years old and still sleeping with people without using protection, jeez

10. [+124, -10] He's no longer the emperor of the housewives. What a messy guy, he shouldn't be on TV anymore.


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+967] Why is he saying he only dated her for three months like it matters when she's pregnant?

2. [+421] He shouldn't have blocked her when she told him she was pregnant... there is so much to talk about with a new life on the way, it was irresponsible of him to push it all on her. They both enjoyed their night but it's only the woman who has to suffer the mental and physical aspects of the consequences.

3. [+253] Figure it out on your own

4. [+581] Okay first of all, who is Go Se Won? I know what a Go Shi Won is

5. [+250] I guess ex-girlfriends coming out of the woodworks is a trend now?

6. [+40] We need to get rid of Nate Pann and let these people deal with it on their own

7. [+12] Celebrities must have some super sp*rm or something

8. [+12] Farewell to him