Kahi and Park Jungah join Sunye for an idol comeback

 Article: Kahi, Park Jungah, and Sunye return as a 'girl group' "We've missed the stage"

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+127] Am I the only one who doesn't understand Sunye

2. [+108] Why someone who threw her group away and left?

3. [+40] Seems like the show has some members who left because they wanted to and others who had to leave according to the flow

4. [+20] I can understand Kahi and Park Jungah but not that other member

5. [+5] They're all talented singers and I welcome their return but I don't understand Sunye. I supported her decision to get married and have her own freedom but the reason she's gotten more antis ever since is not because she got married (she's always been famous for having no hate comments as WG's leader) but because she didn't let the Wonder Girls go on by refusing to renew her contract...

6. [+4] Has Sunye apologized to the other members yet?

7. [+2] Sunye does seem a bit selfish 😮

8. [+3] They missed the money

9. [+5] And why is Sunye a part of this?

10. [+5] So many hate comments, it's not like any of you are the ones paying them to come back ㅋㅋ