'Young Lady and the Gentleman' soars in viewer ratings despite Ji Hyun Woo's acting

 Article: 'Young Lady and the Gentleman' about to hit 30% viewer ratings despite Ji Hyun Woo's 'robot acting' controversy

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+232] He's taking the gentleman concept too seriously... he's just a total robot;;;;;

2. [+111] I've been wondering why his acting is so unnatural...

3. [+70] The drama itself is fun, though... Probably my favorite since 'Once Again'...😎

4. [+53] I've gotten used to the robot acting now and the drama's fun so everything's okay~🙂

5. [+44] I thought it's fun~~ isn't he acting like this on purpose?!

6. [+38] The drama's really good but Ji Hyun Woo's acting.. leaves much to be desired ㅠㅠ

7. [+27] I've been laughing at how funny his manner of speech is ㅋ

8. [+15] ㅋㅋ The way he talks

9. [+12] I actually like it, gives him more character

10. [+13] I always felt that he was acting this way on purpose? He's never been a bad actor so I always assumed he was just overplaying the gentleman and conservative aspects of his character. I wondered why he was like this at first too but just realized.. ah, it's just his character.. 😂

11. [+11] Wait, it's not just a concept? I thought he was acting this way on purpose.. 😢

12. [+9] I guess I'm not the only one who had questions about his acting......

13. [+8] Finally a fun weekend drama to watch