Kim Sun Ho's ex-girlfriend reveals she got her apology, doesn't "feel right" about what's happened to him

Article: Kim Sun Ho's ex-girlfriend, "I've received an apology... It makes my heart heavy to see him crashing down"

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+4,406, -155] I'm glad that this is over without it getting nasty... but misunderstanding? You feel hurt watching him crash down?... You turned him into human trash so easily... should've kept it between you two if you were going to feel like this!

2. [+2,543, -128] She really sounds like a psychopath. If this is how she was going to feel, why not just resolve it privately? Why expose everything and basically ruin the career of someone who isn't even an ex-husband but just an ex-boyfriend? And now you're telling everyone to stop because you got your apology?? If an apology was all you wanted, then you should've been more cautious about what you chose to expose. You make me sick;;;

3. [+1,492, -60] She's calling it an understanding now? You took a person's life and exiled them from society right into rock bottom? What are you, a psycho?

4. [+1,014, -50] She basically buried him alive and now she's saying all this...

5. [+972, -40] Only now she says this... but as the saying goes, if you want to bury someone in a coffin, you better build your own coffin, too. I wonder how comfortable she feels with herself in this moment.

6. [+487, -11] She's making me want to say nasty things. She should just be honest and admit that she fully intended to crush him and she feels a lot better to have seen it through. What is this now? She wrote that post fully knowing what it would do to his career and now she feels guilty over it? Ridiculous.

7. [+450, -16] I first assumed the woman would be someone young, someone too naive and easy to take advantage of, but she's actually older than him by a year and a divorcee to boot. She's obviously old enough to know better and she chose to not use protection either, doesn't she think it's shameless to blame all of it on only him? She threw him to the public to be ripped apart and it looks like she's scared now that her own identity is on the chopping block.

8. [+399, -3] Ridiculous... I don't think it was very wise of you as a 37 year old to take this thing to Nate Pann in the first place


Source: Naver

1. [+3,360, -85] Be honest, you started all this precisely because you wanted to see him come crashing down. And now you're acting like you're better than that? How malicious of you.

2. [+1,113, -54] Is she scared now that her own identity is out? You crumbled his life out of your own greed for revenge... you're terrible.

3. [+619, -17] This is the equivalent of dropping a bomb on someone and then saying "sorry"...

4. [+628, -34] Scary to be a celebrity these days. All it takes is one side to expose anything about you and your career is over.

5. [+576, -26] I, too, assumed that she was some novice in her early twenties with the detailed way she wrote about everything regarding Kim Sun Ho. I thought she was some naive young girl who Kim Sun Ho was her first love. But she's a divorcee? And quite old? She should know better than this. She should know that she crossed the line. Kim Sun Ho did not make that baby all by himself. Did he kidnap you and force you into getting that ab*rtion? Didn't you ultimately make that decision in the end for yourself? How do you feel now that Kim Sun Ho's life is over?

6. [+411, -12] Wow. I agree that Kim Sun Ho is in the wrong a thousand times over but this woman is quite something. I'm not on anyone's side but she's quite scary. She's the one who dropped the bomb and now she's saying people are exaggerating? She wrote her post in such detail that there was no room for people to even exaggerate anything. Now that she got her apology, she's acting like this... Yes, I understand that the post was written out of her anger and hurt but please go back and read it for yourself. Are you happy now that you got what you wanted?

7. [+389, -23] Feels iffy to say this but it feels like there's something wrong with her personality. Her last marriage ended in 17 days with a divorce. She should have learned to be more cautious, more careful... I'm sure he spoke about his co-stars to her in the comfort of their relationship. If she wanted to keep the baby so badly, she could've just kept it. There are single mothers like Sayuri now. Instead, she dumped all of the responsibility on Sun Ho-ssi.. and now she's getting hate, too. An unfortunate situation all around.

8. [+310, -19] You are terrible for this. You wanted Kim Sun Ho to crumble. You knew this would happen. And now you're acting like you're above it all? You ruined someone's life and put all this stress on the public. Are you comfortable with yourself now? You're just terrible.

9. [+236, -14] I know some people might think he paid her off but... she is known to be from a quite wealthy family herself. She's not doing this for the money. She's just mad that he's doing well for himself. Probably wrote her post out of jealousy and didn't think it would blow up like this. And now that her own identity is circulating, she wants to end this whole thing quickly. She exiled Kim Sun Ho over the course of three days... how tacky the way she handled this all!!! Especially for someone as educated as she is. All this shows is how obsessed and in love with him she was!

10. [+191, -6] As former lovers, she should've just resolved it between the two of them. How can she cause all of this and only now be like "I don't feel good about it". You basically killed someone. Taking down the post won't fix anything anymore. She should also apologize back to him and the 'Hometown Cha Cha Cha' crew. All of the cast of actors are suffering because of her.


Article: Kim Sun Ho's fans pour out petitions to keep him on TV despite 'scandal'

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+4,058, -775] These stupid fangirls have lost it

2. [+2,193, -307] I'm really surprised at how they're justifying this. Since when was lying to someone about living together for them to get an ab*rtion just a "regular old relationship"? Whether she's a divorcee or whatever, it's not like all of that didn't happen. She's not completely to blame for ruining his career. This was bound to happen eventually. These celebrities live off of image and once that's shattered, it's over for them. He of all people should know that and he failed to manage it.

3. [+1,906, -324] His clean, innocent image was all a lie. It's not only his ab*rtion scandal but everything he said previously that has shown what a poor character he is. He can't show his face on TV anymore. I don't think I could stand seeing the hypocrisy.

4. [+1,064, -164] Fans being like this are just ruining him even further

5. [+506, -130] Honestly, this is terrible for his image, but it's not like he committed a crime like gambling or s*xual assault?? I just don't get it. People don't want to see others win.

6. [+350, -30] I was a bigger Kim Sun Ho fan than anyone. But this is wrong. As a public figure, his level of responsibility cannot be held to the same standards as the rest of us. He should've known to be more cautious the heavier the crown on his head is. If you're a true fan, don't bother with these petitions. Just stay quiet and wait for all of this to pass.

7. [+283, -31] He would've had bigger regrets if he ended up marrying her. He's going to get hate anyway so just accept the hate, go into reflection, and come back later. It's not like he assaulted her in any way or kidnapped her into doing anything... I really think he can come back one day...

8. [+248, -46] His fans make me hate him even more

9. [+256, -20] They're insane... They need to realize that there is a whole line of actors who can replace him. We don't need someone with a dirty private life like his on our variety shows and dramas.

10. [+198, -11] I am his fan but I think it's the right decision to make him leave the shows. If you think about it, how do you expect him to be out on TV laughing and chatting it up in the midst of a situation like this? It must be hard on him personally, too. He's a human being, after all. I don't fully believe the entire post written by the woman since it's clear that she was filled with anger and regret which probably led to exaggerating some parts but he has admitted to and apologized for them so I just hope that all of this is resolved peacefully... I hope to see him acting again soon!