Kim Sun Ho fans threaten to take legal action against rumors, agency continues to stay silent

Article: Actor K who made girlfriend get an ab*rtion is Kim Sun Ho? The advertising industry is already cutting ties

Source: The Joongang via Naver

1. [+1,378, -11] It's not even Kim Sun Ho himself but his fans who are threatening to take legal action ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1,086, -26] He had the option to make different choices. The results are what they are and he needs to take responsibility for it. The least he could've done was made sure she was financially compensated and consoled her emotions so she wasn't too upset. I don't know if it was necessary for him to be so cold to someone who erased a baby for him.

3. [+713, -16] The fact that the advertising industry has cut ties with him just means it was impossible for them to shield

4. [+542, -35] Sigh... farewell... The fact that he dumped her after forcing her to get an ab*rtion just means he doesn't care about his celebrity career. If he trashed his own career like that, who are we to say otherwise?...

5. [+508, -22] If the rumors end up being true, he is such a scary person~ to think that the happy and respectful image he showed on screen was all a lie...

6. [+301, -6] Instead of blaming your partner for holding your future back with an unwanted pregnancy, you should've known better and used protection for yourself. If Kim Sun Ho valued his celebrity career and his future, he should've made a bigger effort to use protection. Did he really think he could use his ex for not only s*xual satisfaction but to protect his honor and freedom too?

7. [+298, -16] In our country, there is no crime that cuts you off from everything faster than a crime committed to women or children. For him to have forced his woman into getting an ab*rtion and then to have dumped her means his career is effectively over. That's what a decent society will do. Make others cry tears of blood and you will cry tears of blood too.

8. [+200, -6] '1N2D' season 1 = MC Mong, season 2 = Jung Jun Young, season 3 = Kim Sun Ho

9. [+191, -15] If the rumors are true, then it's obvious to anyone that Kim Sun Ho's attitude was immoral. I don't get the people blaming the woman like "why are you only releasing this after he's famous" or "how can you be so thoughtless" ㅋㅋㅋ There was obvious gaslighting involved here, how can you defend that? He requested to sleep with her when she was pregnant and promised to marry her in two years if she got an ab*rtion, which is why she agreed to it in the first place. He should be glad she waited until the last episode of his drama to air this out because he would've been left with a ton of penalty fees if he had to exit the drama any earlier~

10. [+156, -5] Even his agency isn't denying anything... seems like the only way out is to cut ties with him ㅠㅠ I've been trying to stay neutral this whole time but the fact that he's been quiet must mean the rumors are mostly true..