SM expands their world building through music videos

Article: SM reveals more of their world building for their idol group

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+516] Please SM, stop with the world building... and please stop mixing them together between groups... stop looking for Kwangya....

2. [+155] Please don't have the groups share worlds...

3. [+174] Stop this

4. [+131] Enough of this, SM... the world building is fun and all but enough...

5. [+345] Stop this, SM... you guys don't even know what world you're building

6. [+4] Just leave EXO out of this, please.. EXO has their own EXO planet, there's no need to send them to Kwangya too ㅠ

7. [+47] World building aside, Jaehyun's face is just not a face of this world

8. [+16] I think the world building is fun, not sure what these comments are about

9. [+1] I'm actually enjoying the world building...?

10. [+2] No but really, please stop having the groups share worlds ㅠ