Jo Yun Hee helps daughter bake a birthday cake for ex-husband, surprising viewers

 Article: Jo Yun Hee shocks divorced moms by baking Lee Dong Gun a birthday cake "Is this Hollywood?"

Source: Joongang via Naver

1. [+870, -7] She's doing what's best for her kid. Her kid looked positive and happy because her father's her father and her mother's her mother.

2. [+568, -43] I just think they're going with whatever script the writer wrote for them. I've worked two years in the broadcast industry and everything about celebrities is scripted. They move according to what the script says.

3. [+249, -10] Lee Dong Gun lost himself a good woman

4. [+225, -5] I think Jo Yun Hee is doing a fine job. Just because it didn't work out with her partner doesn't mean their kid has to feel it too. 

5. [+174, -4] She's being realistic about the situation. There's no need to force any ill feelings about each other onto their kid. I think she's being the adult by keeping those things separate.

6. [+137, -0] She's a great mother.. She prioritizes her child's emotions above her own and treats her ex-husband accordingly, which is difficult to do.

7. [+90, -4] I don't think Lee Dong Gun will ever meet a woman better than Jo Yun Hee for the rest of his life

8. [+86, -3] Jo Yun Hee has always been kind and reserved... and pretty ^^ even as a student. Her image on TV isn't fake~~ ^^ I'll always support her ^^

9. [+83, -4] I've noticed that the media is kind of poking fun at her for doing this for him.. like "is this Hollywood?" type of headlines. I actually think we should all be praising her. She's a human being, obviously she doesn't want to be dealing with her ex but she's doing this for the sake of her child, and she's being considerate. How many mothers can say the same?

10. [+76, -0] I don't know why she's being made fun of for doing this? Just because they're divorced doesn't mean their kid has to suffer the emotions of it.