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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Netizens marvel at Han So Hee's clean tattoo removals

Article: Han So Hee's tattoos before she got them removed

Source: Happiness Humor via Instagram

1. [+1,038] I actually like her tattoos

2. [+544] Maybe they weren't actually tattoos but rather stickers

3. [+316] No choice but to erase them if she wants an acting career.. 😢

4. [+166] Considering how large some of her tattoos were, I don't think they were tattoos but maybe something of the henna type...

5. [+85] I didn't know such large tattoos could be removed so cleanly

6. [+59] I wonder how these can even be removed...

7. [+30] People should be free to get tattoos if they want..

8. [+10] She's so pretty even with tattoos, they give her a certain vibe

9. [+8] Tattoos can be removed pretty cleanly these days as long as the color isn't too deep or dark. It's just twice as painful; there are hospitals famous for tattoo removals~

10. [+8] I didn't know she had so many



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