Controversial fan account of Naeun and Gunhoo reveals the rude side of child celebrity stardom

Article: Naeun, Gunhoo fan account causes debate online

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

OP: "My mother saw them at Ulsan. It seemed like Naeun and Gunhoo's mother took them out on a walk. Unfortunately, people tried to touch them and kept calling their names ㅠㅠ and the kids were getting frustrated and wiggling out of their grasps, crying... Their mother was saying, 'Please don't touch them...' ㅠㅠ I asked my mother if she did that too and she said she stood off to the side and just watched them before leaving. She said they're really cute and that Gunhoo is tiny. I know that they're famous and all but the babies are on a walk, people should leave them alone, not try to touch them ㅠㅠ just hearing about it stressed me out."

While some netizens expressed anger like, "People can be so rude", "Fans seem to think they have a personal relationship with these people", "What did the kids do to deserve that?", another netizen expressed, "It actually disgusts me more that the family is selling their kids on TV for money. Unpopular people are selling the cuteness of their children to make money, they should realize that it comes with a territory."


1. [+1,143] Why would you try and touch the children... especially in a pandemic..

2. [+735] "It comes with the territory" how crazy...

3. [+438] This not only applies to celebrity children but children in general. Please do not try and touch them because "they're so cute"~! Just look with your eyes and move on~~~

4. [+427] If anyone tried this in a foreign country, they'd be hit with a lawsuit

5. [+398] I live in the same apartment as them. I've noticed that younger people will greet them with their eyes and move on but it's the older people who keep trying to touch them. Naeun will even say "please don't touch me" whenever an adult tries to approach her. People, please use your common sense.

6. [+366] These are the same people who would get mad if a stranger tried to touch their own kid. I don't get how they logically think it's okay to touch celebrity children?

7. [+155] Why would you ever try to touch children in a pandemic~ people can be so senseless.. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for their mother.

8. [+82] So just because it "comes with the territory", celebrity children aren't even allowed to go on walks anymore? Sure, I understand people wanting to see how cute the children are, but if you're inconveniencing them, you need to step away or at least ask for permission before doing anything ㅡㅡ

9. [+75] This does not come with the territory ㅡㅡ

10. [+53] What is there to debate about this??? Just because the children have been on TV does not mean you can just go up to them and touch them. How would you like it if some stranger came up to you and started touching you??