Choo Ja Hyun and Yu Xiaoguang release official statements on cheating scandal

 Article: 'Cheating scandal' Yu Xiaoguang "I made Ja Hyun upset", Choo Ja Hyun, "I'm sorry for concerning everyone"

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+2,487, -35] The fact that the Chinese are sending supportive messages to Choo Ja Hyun and criticizing Yu Xiaoguang just shows how much of a hard worker Choo Ja Hyun has been in China

2. [+1,075, -73] It's not like she doesn't have the means, why not just divorce him while she's young now? He will never fix these habits.

3. [+955, -24] Choo Ja Hyun wrote that long post calling it a misunderstanding for the sake of her own pride... when even a choding could tell that he was cheating

4. [+688, -20] Please don't sweep this under the rug. Habits like these never get fixed.

5. [+393, -15] The betrayal must feel worse because he was so obsessed with marrying her

6. [+148, -1] People who have never cheated exist in the world... but there is never a person who has only cheated once

7. [+140, -3] If the other woman is someone she knows very closely, then that other woman is quite disrespectful. Nevermind the husband. It makes me mad on her behalf to call this just a simple mistake after seeing what they did. I just wish for Ja Hyun-ssi's happiness.

8. [+108, -3] Divorce him immediately and get your alimony. He is a cheater. Cheaters never learn.


Source: Naver

1. [+1,633, -26] So I suppose the take away is that it's normal in Chinese culture for a family friend to sit on your lap in shorts and a tank top!

2. [+1,024, -17] Ja Hyun-ssi is trying very hard to bury this. Find strength and protet your family.

3. [+680, -9] What more does he have to say when his wife is gritting her teeth to try and bury this for him..

4. [+506, -27] I trust that Choo Ja Hyun-ssi is a smart and wise person, please handle this accordingly

5. [+241, -2] They're a married couple after all. If the wife is choosing to bury this and move on, then I wish them happiness. I personally will never understand sitting on someone's lap or allowing someone to sit on my lap like that. Can't tell if they're just shameless or ignorant.

6. [+144, -1] After all that bullsh*t he went on about how he "loves being married"... he actually meant he "loves all women"

7. [+134, -1] As big of a deal as cheating is, divorce is always more difficult with a young child at stake. Just because you get a divorce doesn't also mean it's a clean break off since you still have to stay in contact for the children. I think the people who are jumping to divorce aren't seeing the reality of most situations. You can criticize Yu Xiaoguang all you want but please don't tell Choo Ja Hyun what she should do.

8. [+114, -5] Just like how Lee Min Jung chose to bury it and move on for Lee Byung Hun, I guess Choo Ja Hyun is choosing to do the same. Seems to be a running theme in their company. Husband gets caught doing skinship with another woman, wife decides to forgive ㅋ