Large Chinese distribution company refuses to handle BTS shipments due to recent controversy

Article: Large scale Chinese distribution company "We will not be shipping BTS related shipments"... Armies fight back

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

1. [+3,128, -20] This has gotten so childish that I no longer have anything to say

2. [+2,507, -17] Jeez~~~~ all this over nothing. Tsk! Tsk.

3. [+2,340, -18] If not for the Chinese soldiers, we would've become a unified country. BTS would've never had to enlist in the army. I hope that the Chinese continue acting so childishly so that they get more hate from around the world.

4. [+115, -0] What do you expect from a country that has banned Pooh bear because he looks like Xi Jinping.

5. [+89, -0] Why do they think they have any control over a Korean celebrity group?

6. [+72, -0] I feel bad for the Armies in China.. poor them. This is just the type of behavior I'd expect from the Chinese government.

7. [+63, -0] Don't care what China does~ BTS will be just fine~

8. [+58, -0] The Chinese are in urgent need of history lessons. I don't think they understand who was the enemy or ally in the Korean war.

9. [+39, -1] Do whatever you want, don't care

10. [+35, -1] They don't realize that they've become the laughing stock of around the world ㅋ

11. [+32, -1] Are they chodings? This is so childish ㅋㅋ