'Lookism' webtoon author Park Tae Joon tests positive despite "not going out often"

Article: Webtoon 'Lookism' author Park Tae Joon tests positive "The most difficult symptom is dizziness"

Source: Kyunghyang News via Naver

1. [+2,452, -54] He seems to have been going out a lot, though... recently went on vacation to Jeju Island, was at restaurants and cafe (where he probably had his mask off)... from my standards, I think he was living life as normal;;

2. [+1,556, -205] I honestly find his webtoon more problematic than Kian's since he's glamorizing school bullies so why is he off the hook? Feminists are so funny.

3. [+497, -27] This virus would be fine if treatments helped you make a full recovery but your body continues to battle symptoms even after being treated. You also have no way of knowing how you caught it if you've been lazy with wearing a mask or using hand sanitizer. Everyone just needs to be vigilant about their personal hygiene. Your health can only be protected by yourself. Instead of catching it once and regretting it for the rest of my life, I'd rather take precautions to never catch it at all.

4. [+300, -21] So how'd he catch it?

5. [+165, -41] It must mean that the situation is dire in our country if even a webtoon author is catching it even while working from home. Reading his words, it sounds like it's a difficult time for both himself and everyone around him. He's young so I hope he beats this virus.

6. [+79, -0] He was out at cafes and convenience stores around his neighborhood, there's even photos of him at Jeju on his Instagram. Perhaps he got infected from one of those outings? ㅜㅜ anyway, I wish him a speedy recovery!

7. [+68, -3] "I barely went outside but still tested positive" what's the point in saying this? He should be more transparent about where he was because this will just incite fear.

8. [+61, -4] Still has time to take a selca while sick, what an SNS addict