Kim Hyun Joong saves a restaurant chef's life in Jeju

Article: Actor Kim Hyun Joong saves the life of Jeju restaurant chef who suddenly passed out

Source: Chosun Media via Naver

1. [+4,979, -433] Hyun Joong was basically witch hunted into exile. The woman's side was nothing but lies. Anyway, good on him for doing such a good deed. I hope only positive things happen to him from now on.

2. [+1,795, -64] He's done something good for once. I know he's had his scandals but I wish him the best from here on out.

3. [+1,018, -39] He was brave for this and saved a precious life. Good job.

4. [+709, -30] He did a good deed, he will be rewarded with luck

5. [+482, -25] Good job, saving a life is a good deed. Fighting.

6. [+431, -3] I know it's easy for people to say they could do the same but it's not. I send him a round of applause for his bravery.

7. [+218, -2] I'm surprised he knew what to do. So many people would be too weary to touch a stranger because of the virus and all so it's amazing that he was still able to save a life.

8. [+171, -0] Despite his past, let's praise him for his good deed... How many people do you know in life who get to say they've saved another life?

9. [+110, -6] The past is the past, I'd like to applaud him for his good deed ^^

10. [+83, -5] Hul~ It would've been so easy for him to ignore it since he's a celebrity and I'm sure he'd rather not get involved but he proved to be different. Despite the hardships he's faced, I wish him luck in his future.

11. [+57, -2] Kim Hyun Joong may have saved the chef but the chef saved Kim Hyun Joong's image~

12. [+30, -1] Sometimes I do wonder with the virus going around... who would help me if I passed out? Or if I could help someone without hesitating... This article makes me realize that there are still good people out there in the world~