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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

SBS' 'Backstreet Rookie' criticized for overly adult themes

Article: Female high school student kissing an adult, prostitution... SBS 'Backstreet Rookie' warned legal restrictions

Source: Chosun Media via Naver

1. [+1,294, -292] Just because it's like this in reality doesn't mean we need to be so blatant with showing it in dramas too. I don't want such dramas airing in our country when we have weak child protection laws as it is. How could you even sell an adult-themed webtoon as a family drama in the first place? Why not make a drama out of the sexual assaulters democrats or the nth room scandal too?

2. [+770, -113] Please fire the PD who produced such a dirty drama

3. [+444, -81] Low class drama

4. [+319, -54] I knew this drama would get in trouble. I started watching it with my kids because it looked fun but I was totally surprised. I had no idea it came from an adult webtoon with such weird plots...

5. [+184, -27] Even our own broadcast channels have become perverted, how rotten ㅎ

6. [+73, -9] There are so many great webtoons out there, I don't get why this one was chosen to be reproduced as a drama. Sigh, I want to see the pathetic face of the PD who produced this.

7. [+64, -22] As expected from a country run by old farts

8. [+38, -4] What's it matter? We live in a generation where our Seoul city mayor of justice Park Won Soon even commits sexual harassment ㅋ

9. [+31, -8] Even makjang dramas have limits, this just crossed the line into low class territory. I can't believe the director ever thought to market this as a family drama when its origins is in an adult-themed webtoon, tsk tsk.

10. [+18, -5] This is why more dramas are being produced on Netflix these days. Imagine if 'Extracurriculur' was produced on a major broadcast channel, it wouldn't have lived up to its potential. Actually, it wouldn't have been allowed to air at all.

11. [+18, -6] I'm being serious, what's so weird about this drama? Why is it okay for 'It's Okay to Not Be Okay' to talk about sex all the time, where's all the controversy about that? I wouldn't call that drama a 'family drama' either.

12. [+20, -9] Pfft, I'm enjoying the drama just fine.



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