Seolhyun reveals her older sister for the first time

Article: Seolhyun reveals older sister for the first time... beauty runs in the family

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+215, -17] She must've been told that she looks like Seolhyun a lot by people who didn't know that they're siblings ㅋ

2. [+173, -11] They really look alike

3. [+112, -12] Their parents must feel so proud to have such beautiful daughters

4. [+16, -7] She's really pretty

5. [+15, -24] I'll take the bullets as an honest man and serve the facts: Seolhyun's prettier than her unni. Her unni's pretty ugly... not that Seolhyun's bare face is any better.

6. [+13, -7] Imagine having Seolhyun as your sister-in-law...

7. [+8, -5] Super pretty, yeah?

8. [+8, -5] I guess the saying is true, that the second or third daughter is always the prettiest

9. [+5, -4] Beautiful

10. [+4, -4] Wait, what are people calling pretty??