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Monday, August 7, 2017

Swings under controversy for defending problematic rappers

Article: Rapper Swings under controversy for statement during live SNS

Source: YTN via Nate

While talking about rapper Woo Won Jae's character controversy on 'SMTM6', "Ever since Korean rappers started getting more popular, people have started applying stricter standards against us like our 'character'. Please just let rappers pursue music and only music. Even if they have sh*t character, it's what makes them charming and unique."

He also compared Yoo Jae Suk to a robot, saying, "If everyone was like Yoo Jae Suk, we'd all become robots, saying things like, 'this music is fun'. Everyone has something that makes them who they are and even if they're a sh*t person, it's still something that can make them beautiful."

"Imagine that there's an artist who only draws people. If he only draws people with tall, amazing proportions, then how is that art? There is no perfect person. I've seen a lot of friends like this and they all lose that initial sense of innocence because they get scared of what others think and become robots."


1. [+3,622, -51] Shut your mouth. Is his specialty showing off how empty his brain is? Sigh

2. [+3,536, -41] Keep in mind that all of this was said by a hip hop loser who had to get an early discharge from the military for mental issues...

3. [+2,979, -46] I seriously want to punch this piggy ba$tard's mouth in

4. [+174, -4] Does he have any right to say this as a military certified mental person?

5. [+161, -6] I can see why he was discharged for mental issues ㅋㅋㅋ it's pretty bad

6. [+137, -4] No wonder he thinks he can get away with all his raps... this is his mindset. He's so pathetic that I can't even think of anything worth it to say.

7. [+102, -2] Apparently your friend Sangsoo not only drinks and drive but assaults people too, is that just his "charm" too?

8. [+69, -0] Nobody is perfect does NOT mean that you can live life however you want to. How can he actually think that they're equal to each other?

9. [+67, -3] I'm embarrassed for him

10. [+49, -0] How does he not know the difference between what makes someone an individual and what makes them immoral?

11. [+49, -1] He's back at it again...

12. [+34, -61] I don't like Swings but I agree with what he's saying to a certain point. Koreans have a tendency to judge the character and personalities of public figures like our athletes and celebrities before their actual talent. People emphasize their character and stomp them down if it doesn't fit their standards. On the contrary, other less talented stars are given the star treatment as long as they have good character. All of this is ironic because everyone has different standards when it comes to judging what a good person is so little things are found controversial, little things can start witch hunts, which can lead to exile... Character is important but how much are people really different from one another unless you're just a complete thug? People can make mistakes in life but we turn it into a character flaw that follows them for the rest of their lives. It's frustrating because the public tries too hard to line up these celebrities in their perfect little box.



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