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Monday, June 19, 2017

YG clarifies Bang Yedam won't be participating in their new rookie show as a contestant

Article: [Exclusive] Bang Yedam won't be participating in survival... he will MC for YG's new rookie show

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,227, -52] ?? Why is a kid who hasn't even debuted yet MCing for this show?? And it's technically a survival show if you're throwing 30 trainees in it. With Bang Yedam set for debut with the three from Mix & Match, then it's basically a survival for the rest of them. I'm really tired of YG trying to mean something different with the same words. Enough with these survivals and rookie debuts, focus on Big Bang, Winner, iKON, Black Pink, AkMu, Lee Hi, etc.

2. [+798, -31] MC?

3. [+490, -26] Will Boyfriend be in this?

4. [+528, -40] So when are they going to debut

5. [+298, -38] ?

6. [+169, -12] #1 They already have Winner, iKON, and Black Pink so why do they need a new rookie group #2 Where did they manage to get 30 new trainees in two years since Mix & Match ended? #3 Bang Yedam is a talented artist but he's not fit for an MC role

7. [+150, -10] Fans don't care whether this is a survival show or not, they care about the timing ㅡㅡ; it's too early for another rookie group given the circumstances. It's time to be focusing on Winner and iKON...

8. [+120, -5] I don't know why YG keeps trying to put out new things... Winner and iKON went through a tough survival show to debut too so why can't they be given more support?

9. [+108, -8] YG keeps taking in new trainees with no intentions to debut them all ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+86, -5] Why is Bang Yedam MCing when he hasn't even debuted...? Unless he's confirmed for debut so this show will basically be 'Bang Yedam and Kids'?



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