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Sunday, June 18, 2017

On the Charts: NU'EST

Article: NU'EST completes 'Produce 2', a touching climb back up the charts... song from 4 years ago is back on the charts

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+521, -13] The song's really good, I really wish the best for them~

2. [+495, -11] Hul, the song is daebak good ㅜㅜ I wish them luck at least starting now ❤ flower path for NU'EST

3. [+462, -12] They're reserved for a flower path. Six years of effort will not go to waste. There's no way but up from here so please promote actively.

4. [+50, -1] I heard there's a lot of people who took a listen to it after seeing it at the top and continuing to after hearing how good it is ㅜㅜㅜㅜ you can't break through Melon with just fans streaming nowadays

5. [+42, -0] I didn't know about the group four years ago but I always thought they had good songs. I'm glad to see them finally getting the spotlight they deserve.

6. [+39, -4] It's weirdly cool because I remember Rap Mon talking about the song and calling it good and wishing it would come back up on the charts ㅋ

7. [+34, -1] 'Hello' is such a good song... what a waste that it's been buried all this time ㅜㅜ

8. [+32, -0] Their songs are actually a lot better than I thought. My personal favorite is 'Look', please take a listen!

9. [+31, -1] I personally think K-Pop's songs from 3-4 years ago are better than the current songs

10. [+28, -0] Amazing climb back up ♡



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