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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Leeteuk expresses responsibility for the Super Junior member scandal

Article: Leeteuk shows responsibility as leader, "Super Junior is a team I've put my life on the line for"

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+4,650, -107] For fans to come out and express all this now means that we've been holding it in for long enough. Us fans aren't acting like this out of simple jealousy or greed. We're asking for a basic level of respect to be kept. We are all aware that we are the weaker side and that our favorite singers are in relationships that will lead to marriages. All we're asking for is that we don't be treated like worthless pigs. We spent so many years with this group, understanding and taking care of one another, so for all of our efforts to result in deleted comments or straight up being ignored... there's no fan that will put up with that.

2. [+4,096, -90] If you're asking us to accept Sungmin, it's too late. Us fans realize that Super Junior is too precious for us to put up with and accept Sungmin any longer.

3. [+2,921, -68] Just kick the members like we asked

4. [+2,770, -48] Let me tell you this once and for all: we don't care for a member who straight up ignores his fans

5. [+2,482, -57] There's only one right answer... so please think hard about that

6. [+734, -11] SM can throw away Kangin, they have nothing to lose. What's the point in keeping a criminal who causes scandals all the time?

7. [+672, -8] Kangin, Sungmin out!!!!!!!!!!! We don't care about members who are criminals or who ignore their fans

8. [+590, -8] We're not asking for your responsibility as the leader... we're asking for Lee Sungmin, the person who's actually responsible for all of this, to go out out out!!!!

9. [+536, -9] All of the fans are going to straight up leave if Kangin and Sungmin comeback with them... I really don't want to see these two again

10. [+471, -8] If Sungmin's running low on funding his family, tell him to go run musicals to make that money instead of shamelessly sticking himself with the other members



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