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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

[Pann] Yura is the perfect ideal type?

Pann: She probably has every characteristic that men like

1. [+255, -13] Skin, face, body, personality, she really has it all. I still don't understand how Hong Jong Hyun could act so cold towards her on 'WGM'. Maybe he had a girlfriend? How can you be so stiff while being a couple with someone like Yura... either way, I'm super jealous of Yura.

2. [+243, -15] Even women like Yura

3. [+157, -9] I think she's top class even among celebrities

4. [+71, -2] But ironically not many men pick Yura as their favorite celebrity

5. [+54, -2] I wonder why Seolhyun is many times more popular though? I remember a previous article with Yura and Seolhyun and all of the men chose Seolhyun while the women chose Yura

6. [+45, -3] Yura really does have it all

7. [+33, -3] She's liked by both men and women, pretty with a great personality

8. [+24, -2] Damn gorgeous coming from a woman..

9. [+17, -2] I bet there are a ton of male celebrities crushing on her... her body looks amazing in that gif. I'm a woman and think she's gorgeous, imagine what men see.

10. [+15, -11] She has everything from chest, legs, height, to skin but she has a bit of an ajumma-ish feel to her face



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