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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Kang Dong Won bows in apology at the JIFF

Article: Kang Dong Won attends first JIFF... apologizes for great grandfather controversy "I am reflecting + educating myself"

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+10,689, -680] He handled it too poorly in the beginning... it wouldn't bet his bad if he confirmed it and apologized right away. It's a bitter reality for him but I hope to see him in a future work as a better person.

2. [+10,194, -1,412] I don't think a descendant who is apologizing and attempting to fix the wrong is at wrong..

3. [+8,354, -873] Just apologize and reflect. People will watch over how you act from here on out but I trust that you're someone we can trust. I support you.

4. [+6,102, -521] Being a descendant of such a person isn't your fault but at least you apologized for the interview where you showed your respect for him

5. [+4,651, -667] I'll be supporting your future. Please show us a positive image.


Article: Kang Dong Won bows his head in apology over Pro-Japanese ancestry

Source: Herald POP via Nate

1. [+1,119, -72] Descendants of the pro-Japanese should have the three generations after into forced labor. They don't deserve to live as well off as they do now after selling off and betraying their own country.

2. [+1,078, -45] I despite the fact that descendants of the pro-Japanese are living wealthy lives like this when I think of all the people who sacrificed their lives to fight for our independence

3. [+951, -53] It wouldn't have even gotten this bad if he just didn't act up then tsk

4. [+58, -3] It's because of all you people defending people like him by saying "you shouldn't be responsible for the actions of your ancestors" that families of the pro-Japanese have generations of riches to live on while families of independence fighters are out on the streets recycling trash.

5. [+55, -1] Looks like he's getting desperate now that he's cut from all his CFs... seeing as how he's issuing this apology so early


Source: Nate

1. [+1,272, -173] The fact that he told sites to take his articles down to hide all of this is even worse

2. [+1,157, -163] He's only apologizing now that his image is tanking and he has no where left to go

3. [+1,035, -181] Yup, you're still a pro-Japanese descendant

4. [+60, -3] "Embarrassing history"? Look at this guy trying to weasel himself out of this. Don't call it "embarrassing", call it what it is... an embarrassing pro-Japanese part of history caused by no one other than your own ancestor

5. [+38, -6] It's too late.. he should've done all of this way sooner if he's truly reflecting. He's been testing the public all this time and now that things aren't in his favor he's saying sorry out of desperation



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