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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hyuna responds to Triple H's music video controversy

Article: Hyuna "Music video controversy? Not everyone will think what I do is pretty"

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

On the controversy, "Not everyone will think it's pretty, right? I also did want to avoid doing what I've always done."


1. [+1,480, -99] Well it's already been 10 years since she debuted and her skills are still rock bottom so the only thing that'll keep her in the headlines is provocative stuff like this ㅋㅋ

2. [+1,327, -80] You're a singer, sing instead of shooting ero videos ㅡㅡ

3. [+1,189, -87] Hyuna, you're a singer, not a dancer..

4. [+62, -2] You idiot, the problem is that no one thinks what you do is pretty

5. [+59, -1] So when is she going to tell us which part of the music video is justified?

6. [+47, -0] I think she knows where her image is headed if she doesn't realize that the public isn't in favor of all this and keeps doing it...

7. [+46, -0] The issue isn't whether you look pretty or not, it's the sexually provocative nature of the music video... what is she saying ㅋㅋ

8. [+41, -3] Sexual stuff aside, did she expect us to think that all the drug abuse, suicide, and crimes depicted in the music video were supposed to be 'pretty'? ㅡㅡ

9. [+30, -0] I don't think she understood the question... We're talking about the music video, not whether you look pretty or not, Hyuna...

10. [+28, -0] I really want her to take a long, hard look at her career. I assumed she wanted to be the next Lee Hyori at the start of her career but all she's been doing is cutting down her own image with all this sexually provocative material. I genuinely wanted a long running career for her so it's upsetting to see her stick to concepts like this.

11. [+25, -1] Rocks for brains. It's not about whether you look pretty or not, we're calling the music video sexually provocative

12. [+24, -0] She honestly wouldn't be getting this much hate if her skills weren't such an utter mess



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