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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hyorin impresses on her American tour

Article: "How's Korea's Beryonce?" Diary of Hyorin's American tour

Source: Naver [tons of pictures in source]

1. [+2,851, -80] Why do people keep comparing her to Beyonce? That's a lot of pressure on her

2. [+2,225, -127] Feels like people are only comparing her to Beyonce because she has dark skin..

3. [+1,776, -52] Hyorin on her own is a talented, amazing singer. Stop comparing her to Beyonce, I don't want her to get hate for that.

4. [+1,553, -106] The comparisons to Beyonce are a bit... Beyonce's a wall

5. [+1,076, -34] I wish people would stop it with the "Korea's version of so and so"... She's a great singer on her own, no need to compare her to Beyonce

6. [+783, -23] Hyorin is just Hyorin

7. [+712, -155] Regardless, Hyorin is one of the few out of the female singers in their twenties right now who can sing and dance flawlessly. Her singing skills are widely recognized and she has variety talent as well. I consider her a multi-entertainer ㅋㅋ

8. [+393, -84] I think she'll do better than CL

9. [+282, -56] Why compare her to Beyonce? Because she has thighs and darker skin?

10. [+104, -11] I really wish her the best. I personally consider her the style that would most work in America... she's talented too. I wish her as much success for how hard she's working in a foreign country ㅠㅠ



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