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Monday, April 10, 2017

EXID holds four member comeback showcase with 'cute sexy' concept

Article: '4 member' EXID without Solji, will their 'cute sexy' concept work?

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+350, -43] The song's so good~~~ fighting!!

2. [+329, -39] I love LE's unique voice, it's so fizzy

3. [+270, -36] I like that their song isn't too powerful, it's different

4. [+256, -41] I think they chose a good song

5. [+200, -40] The song's good, it lived up to expectations

6. [+44, -4] The song would have more power if Solji had a vocal part~ sad but I hope she gets better soon and comes back..

7. [+41, -7] Hope to see Solji soon~~!! The members are already so talented vocally and visually that they pulled off the song well without her.

8. [+21, -3] Sad that Solji isn't in it but the song itself is good and the members did well vocally so all in all, I like this comeback song

9. [+23, -4] Still can't help but miss Solji's absence... 1/3 of EXID's songs were SOlji's parts so without her.. it completely changes their color... Hani and Solji are the essence of the group.. It's like missing Ronaldo from your soccer team.



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