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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Does YG have blame in the mishandling of Kang Dong Won's scandal?

Article: The agency fanned the fire of Kang Dong Won's controversy

Source: Sports Donga via Nate

1. [+469, -19] YG's way of handling things is similar to the Park Geun Hye government. They consider the public to be pigs and are either busy hiding all their scandals or scaring the public with threats of legal action. They fully believe that time will make everyone forget about it.

2. [+401, -20] A first rate pro-Japanese ㅋㅋㅋ He could've saved his image if he apologized the moment it broke out but he instead went around reporting all the posts and threatening defamation ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Then only resorted to apologizing in a week after public sentiment took a turn for the worst

3. [+373, -18] What do you expect from YG

4. [+29, -0] It's not only YG to blame, Kang Dong Won handled it poorly as well. Not like we've ever seen any descendant of pro-Japanese families admit their mistake anyway.

5. [+28, -2] YG needs to learn that there are some things that money can't make go away

6. [+26, -3] Talk about bad timing, his UNIQLO CF is all over TV lately too...

7. [+24, -2] Looks like YG has decided to take the blame for him with this

8. [+23, -2] I also thought that YG handled this really messily. They've always been the type to stay quiet whenever scandals broke out until it went away over time. Disappointed in Kang Dong Won for his silence as well. He's had such a positive image all along that his image wouldn't be as shattered if only he handled it better...

9. [+21, -1] Don't blame YG, it doesn't change the fact that he was proud of his great-grandfather who was a pro-Japanese

10. [+19, -3] Kang Dong Won should've known better to step up once YG was making things worse by speaking his own mind. He should've flat out admitted fault and apologized, it wouldn't have gotten this bad... I'm not one to blame the crimes of ancestors on their descendants but I also don't think they're absolved of responsibility when they're living off of the wealth that was passed down from them.


Article: [Exclusive] Kang Dong Won's grandmother was the descendant of an independence fighter?

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+773, -123] Why is he using an independence fighter to clarify his own scandal? I feel like he purposely used the word 'independence fighter' in his apology to distract from the main issue. The initial problem of the scandal was that he himself was proud of an ancestor who was pro-Japanese, not that he himself is responsible for the crimes of his ancestor. My disappointment in him remains unchanged.

2. [+698, -97] Amazing. So his grandmother was the descendant of an independence fighter, someone who was jailed and tortured while fighting for our independence. The grandmother decided to ignore the sacrifices of her ancestors and get married to a pro-Japanese to live the life of luxury and together with her husband brainwashed her children and grandchildren into glamorizing the actions of their past. Is the grandma not embarrassed at all of that? The fact that she's a descendant of an independence fighter doesn't matter at all. This whole thing is such a makjang. To think that the granddaughter of an independence fighter got married off to the son of a pro-Japanese and is living lavishly at the expense of her family's suffering... talk about a mess of a family. This just further proves that pro-Japanese families continue to brainwash their children about their past. For their descendants to be absolved of the past crimes of their families, they ned to be reflective of it but instead they continue to speak of their past with respect, and how does that make them innocent?

3. [+623, -60] He needs to halt his UNIQLO ads and give up his movie role

4. [+81, -7] Why are there so many new articles trying to defend Kang Dong Won? YG's hard at work it seems. His great-grandfather is pro-Japanese, a first rate at that... So why does YG keep trying to distract us with the fact that his grandmother was the descendant of an independence fighter as if that matters?

5. [+56, -4] Talk about a messy family...

6. [+42, -6] How in the world did the grandma marry into a pro-Japanese family fully knowing that her own father was an independence fighter? So many questions

7. [+36, -8] I refuse to pay money to ever see any of his films again

8. [+34, -10] Stressing that his grandmother is the descendant of an independence fighter just further shows that she's a woman who is willing to trash all of the hard work of her grandfather

9. [+29, -4] So  what is he trying to say? That he breaks even? That his grandmother cancels out his great-grandfather? ㅋㅋ Like the best replies say, there's nothing to be proud of having a grandmother who got married to a pro-Japanese family and chose to glamorize their past ㅋㅋㅋ It's funny that the best excuse he could come up with was his grandmother and even that isn't working for him

10. [+29, -7] He doesn't seem to realize that this just puts his grandmother in a worse light

11. [+26, -4] YG is handling this so poorly ㅋㅋㅋ just say sorry and stay quiet ㅋㅋㅋ



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