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Monday, February 6, 2017

[Instiz] Photographer Rotta to release new photobook 'Watermelon'

Instiz: Photographer Rotta's new photobook for release on the 13th 'Watermelon'


"So gross"

"This isn't art, this is a crime"

"I despise him..."

"Please, please, ah please, please please please just stop"

"Obviously he's releasing them because there are people who buy them"

"I'm embarrassed for them..."

"Please stop with this lolita stuff~"

"I want to take all of his cameras away"


"These look like adult Japanese magazines"

"Can he please go bankrupt already"

"I wonder how he can be so full of himself when he's basically committing crimes"

"Models need to stop giving him work.. please..."

"He totally doesn't care about all the criticism ㅋㅋㅋㅋ and yet gets mad when people tell him to use his own daughter as his model"

"I don't get how he can take photos like this when he has a daughter too... He got mad when someone told him to do this to his daughter too, but why does it make it okay for him to make money off of posing another parent's daughter like this?"

"I blame both the photographer and the models"

"Wow, so Rotta's 40 years old.... He's taking pictures of these models young enough to be his own daughter...? That's shocking"

"I wonder how his daughter will feel when she grows up and looks up her dad's work"

"Disgusting. I consider anyone who works with him to be weird, and anyone who buys his work to be pathetic. Just monsters who want a quick release over some lolita pictures. And these models are clearly adults, do they not feel embarrassed acting and posing like a child? Act your age please."



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