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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hwayoung reveals she auditioned for Yoo In Na's role in 'Goblin'

Article: 'Taxi' Hwayoung, "I auditioned for Yoo In Na's role in 'Goblin' but got eliminated at the end"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+458, -20] Who knows if Hwayoung could've done well with that character but I personally thought Yoo In Na fit the character to a T

2. [+393, -17] I'm sure she would've done well but Yoo In Na was just Sunny to a T

3. [+321, -17] I like HWayoung but Kim Sun = Yoo In Na. It's not a matter of who's the better actor, Yoo In Na just played the character so perfectly like she was always that type of personality.

4. [+44, -2] I think the drama originally intended to make the grim reaper a younger character because I remember they tried to cast idols like Nana and Nara for Sunny's character... then Lee Dong Wook confirmed himself for the grim reaper role so they redid everything and cast Yoo In Na as his partner.

5. [+36, -17] I'm glad, I don't think I could've focused on the drama if she had landed it

6. [+28, -3] I don't think it's the character's age that got her eliminated, moreso that Yoo In Na fit it better.

7. [+24, -4] Lines like "Hey orabeoni~!! Why are you staring at my house?!!" can only be pulled off by Yoo In Na.. doesn't really match Hwayoung

8. [+19, -9] She almost ruined a drama;

9. [+19, -4] So glad she didn't get it;

10. [+18, -7] Thank you for not passing the audition ㅠㅠ she's not that great of an actress as you'd think ㅠ



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