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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ivy reveals the longest she was single was for a month

Article: Ivy, "Longest period I was single? One month" surprising confession

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,261, -26] She'd avoid most of her controversies if she at least kept her mouth shut

2. [+1,236, -27] After going on about how her dad's in the military so he's really strict and she never got an opportunity to date, she was actually dating Wheesung and cheating on him... What's more amazing is that even after her scandal and during her reflection period, she was in a noisy relationship with a composer too

3. [+1,071, -28] She probably said that to make herself seem like she's super popular with men... but to the rest of us, it just sounds like she's the type who can't live without men~ She's not a smart cookie, that's for sure

4. [+94, -2] Is she dumb... you would think she would avoid talking about stuff like this after ruining her career over men

5. [+76, -1] How can she brag about this after her cheating scandal? She really is the type who can't live without men

6. [+61, -2] She really needs to stop talking about anything related to dating, that cheater

7. [+53, -8] She doesn't seem to know what her charm is. The reason she was popular at all in the past was because she had a sexy, classy beauty to her without needing to show any skin... but now she just has a cheap look to her because she runs her mouth so much. If she had just stayed quiet and mysterious after her scandal, it wouldn't be this bad. It's sad because she's a solo singer who is exceptional at both singing and dancing...

8. [+50, -2] Guess she can't live without a man in her life

9. [+49, -3] As a woman, I find it amazing when I see other women date back to back without any breaks in between. Sure in some ways I'm jealous because it means that they're popular but it also makes me question whether those relationships were genuine because they never give themselves time to hurt and heal after said relationships... Is it really possible?

10. [+48, -1] That's a dumb question to ask her. Instead of asking the longest she was single, should've asked her how many simultaneous relationships she's had at once.



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