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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Seungri talks about managing to survive in a group where all the members are better than you

Article: Seungri, "I survived 10 years between the talented members of Big Bang"

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

On giving advice to Winner, "Big Bang has lasted 10 years but it was no easy feat. By your 10th year, you really feel grateful for everything. The other members are all so talented that it's hard to survive between them. Oldest hyung TOP is actually a softie and Daesung hyung is the hyung that's like a grandpa. GD and Taeyang are mature and warm hyungs. I still use formal speech with them and the hyungs treat me like their maknae."


1. [+1,063,- 87] He only survived because the Big Bang members took care of him. He'd be nothing without the Big Bang aura.

2. [+948, -97] Seungri may have beat the competition to get into the group but he's about as worthless as Jung Yoora in terms of getting a free ride for the rest of his career. He's the iconic representation of being made up of 7/10 luck

3. [+781, -82] Yeah, now that you bring it up, what makes you think you deserve to stay there?

4. [+41, -14] I'm more amazed that you're still on TV after causing that car accident than the fact that you've managed to survive in Big Bang for 10 years ㅋ

5. [+37, -14] At least he knows...

6. [+31, -10] Don't talk like you survived between your hyungs on your own, you survived because of them ㅋㅋㅋ think of all the scandals you've caused but were buried under the rug ㅎㅎ

7. [+29, -26] Seungri's not so bad himself but the other members are just too talented, so...

8. [+26, -37] Seungri's skills wouldn't be lacking anywhere else but the other members are just too talented..

9. [+25, -36] I've never thought of Seungri as lacking talent. Didn't 'Strong Baby' hit daebak?

10. [+23, -8] Isn't he the original idol when it comes to lacking talent? What is his position even in the group?

11. [+23, -7] Seungri's popular in Japan. Worry about your own lives before worrying about whether he has talent or not.

12. [+20, -6] ㅎㅎ Sorry to say but the fact that Seungri has been relegated to talking on shows like this just means that he has lost any competitive viability in Big Bang. Big Bang has always been about GD or TOP anyway and now that TOP is focusing on acting, it's only GD that's really left. That's fact.

13. [+18, -7] Unfair that the people who don't know anything about Big Bang are calling Seungri a free ride when it was him that landed them CF deals when Big Bang had 0 recognition in Japan by working his butt off on varieties

14. [+16, -4] At least he knows his place ㅋㅋㅋ he got cast just for dancing well at Migliore... 'Strong Baby' was a good song but his voice or visuals... definitely free ride-level



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