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Sunday, December 11, 2016

[Instiz] Big Hit preparing to debut a new rookie group?

Instiz: A female BTS group in the works?

Bang CEO, "We have trainees within our company but we have yet to discuss the production of a rookie girl or boy group. We are having internal discussions and slowly but surely preparing for it."


"Seems like Big Hit is trying to ramp up the flow BTS has got going since they blew up and it's not like fans are going to leave them if they cut back on the comebacks to prepare for the other rookie group..."

"I don't think it's the right time yet..."

"I'd rather BTS make a bit more money and achieve more of their dreams..."

"No to the girl group"

"I've never even heard of them picking any female trainees up"

"Yeah, I bet it's another male group"

"Both BTS and Big Hit need to grow more before they debut another group"

"It's definitely not the right timing yet but if they do debut another group, I think Big Hit seems to do well with producing boy groups so they'll be fine"

"I have a feeling it'll be another boy group. I doubt they'd want to put out another girl group after the failure of Glam. They'll probably send their female trainees to Source or another agency in the meantime."

"I've noticed Big Hit hasn't been signing any female trainees lately at all"

"Big Hit took years to finally debut BTS... so I doubt we'll be seeing another group from them until around 2020..."

"I'm pretty sure I heard Big Hit hasn't been signing female trainees? And the ones that they did have were transferred to Source."

"If they do debut a female version of BTS, I can't wait to see what that group would be like"

"I saw signs for Big Hit auditions and they specifically said 'only boy'... so if they do put out another group, it'll probably be a boy group first."



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