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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Actress Lee Soo Kyung claims to be a big fan of Zico

Article: 'Radio Star' Lee Soo Kyung confesses fan feelings for Zico "I really like him"

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+220, -32] Are you good at running? You can only date him if you're good at running. And I'm talking about a 5 minute cut to his house. You gotta start running the minute you get off the taxi without even looking back.

2. [+189, -38] She seems like the naive type who's into bad guys. Totally the type to lose everything to the wrong person.

3. [+146, -53] Zico's quite the lady's man~~~!!

4. [+22, -10] You gotta run to his house though

5. [+19, -10] You still like him even after what he did to Seolhyun? I feel so bad for her still...

6. [+11, -6] Sees she's not into the genuine, caring type but the type that young kids are into when dating, the type that's fun and a bit rebellious

7. [+9, -15] Zico even dumped Seolhyun, I don't think you'd stand a chance...

8. [+8, -3] Her last ideal type was a Japanese model named Kentaro. Seems she's into the younger, tall, white skinned styles... Unni, you'll never get married if you're into types like that.



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