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Monday, October 17, 2016

Um Tae Woong faces bleak chances of recovering his career

Article: 'Prostitution charges' Um Tae Woong, banned from TV? 'basically kicked out'

Source: Herald Econ via Nate

1. [+2,097, -52] I've noticed that men with a tendency to cheat could be living with the world's most beautiful woman and still cheat on her...

2. [+1,821, -70] Him and Se7en and Sangchu should start a group together

3. [+1,664, -38] It really does take a moment for your life to crumble like that, that's so scary

4. [+140, -3] If he was a bachelor, he could just take a hiatus and come back to cable dramas for a bit... or if he was a variety star with a less serious image, people would let it go more easily.. but not only is he Um Jung Hwa's (a top star) little brother but someone who also put his classy wife and pretty daughter on TV and cosplayed around as a fake, caring father... there's no forgiveness in that.

5. [+129, -3] That innocent image he had on '1N2D' was a total lie

6. [+128, -1] I just feel bad for Jion and his wife in all of this, the entire nation knows their faces

7. [+115, -3] First Park Yoochun and now him, I feel like there are a lot more scandals in the industry waiting to be uncovered... these two were really unlucky to have been caught first

8. [+106, -3] He's already been exiled the way I see it. The betrayal the public feels is too deep, there's no way he can return from that..

9. [+89, -2] Of all the time to be pregnant with a second child, it had to be now ㅡㅡ I bet she would've left him without a chance if it was only the daughter

10. [+75, -0] Of course, who'd want to be uncomfortable watching his face on TV? I'd change the channel immediately... even watching Se7en is uncomfortable



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