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Monday, October 17, 2016

Ha Yeon Soo attends first public event since SNS controversy

Article: Ha Yeon Soo 'first public event since SNS controversy'

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+1,060, -183] So damn unlikable

2. [+960, -87] Proves how important image is to a celebrity

3. [+886, -145] Fake!! Pfft

4. [+114, -18] The world is filled with genuinely smart and talented people. Don't act up trying to teach others without knowing your place. You'll get hurt.

5. [+102, -32] Guys, be more understanding~ she clearly has a complex over being just a high school graduate ㅋ

6. [+88, -10] The way she talks is just too off putting, like she calculates her words to maximize their hurt. I don't know whether she realizes that or not..

7. [+83, -0] Scary how a cute face like that doesn't hesitate at all to attack someone to their face

8. [+77, -9] Even that smile looks forced

9. [+63, -8] It's funny how impressions work... after reading her posts, it's hard to view her face as innocent more..;; She should work harder on being a better person

10. [+62, -8] I'm sure she's not a bad person... she'd probably call it all a misunderstanding if she could. However, it is true that she lacks consideration. She failed to consider that there can be differing opinions and that she's not the only person right. She needs to learn to listen to the opinions of others and be more considerate to their thoughts instead of just thinking that she's right and that's the end all.

11. [+46, -10] Celebrities have it so easy. Just post a half hearted apology and cry once on TV over it and it all goes away.

12. [+43, -3] Maybe it's just impossible to hide your selfish tendencies on a platform like SNS



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