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Friday, September 16, 2016

[Instiz] Differing reviews for female idols in acting

Instiz: Why did acting work for Nana and Hyeri but not for Suzy and IU?

"Seems that the dramas they chose didn't fit them"

"Suzy and IU's acting both have remained pretty consistent..."

"I think you get praise if you pick a character that matches you as opposed to just picking lead roles"

"Hyeri didn't necessarily get praise in the dramas she chose after Duksun, a character which matched her personality. I think idols in general just struggle to shed that image of theirs. I personally find all four alright, they don't really disrupt the dramas for me."

"Nana's acting was so good and tailored to her character though..."

"It's important that their character matches them..."

"Neither Suzy or IU have enough acting power to lead an entire drama on their own.... As for Nana and Hyeri, they haven't really had lead roles. Hyeri did but she was working with other leads who had the same, if not more screentime as her. Dramas where an idol is a lead or it's a remake of another original work tend to earn poor reviews, and 'Moon Lovers' is both so..."

"Some dramas do well, some just don't..."

"I don't think there's any female idol that anyone has recognized as truly talented... just a few that got matched up with characters that really fit them? So they get praise when the characters fit them, criticized when they don't... I don't think there's any female idol in particular who can stand out on her own."

"Picking the right character seems to be the most important..."

"Nana did well but her character wasn't anything big, whereas Suzy and IU are lead roles..."

"I find IU's acting alright..."

"Hyeri landed the right character with 'Reply' because she was pretty bad in 'Entertainer'"

"I find Suzy the worst out of the four... she's better than when she first started but I don't know if she's improved any more than that. Hyeri has bad tonality too, there are times where it's frustrating to listen to."

"All four of them landed their spots in a rushed manner so they still lack the talent to really lead a drama on their own. They're alright as supporting roles, which tend to be the ones that get praise. Hyeri was a lead but you can't really call her one character the lead of 'Reply' since there were a ton of other leads and her personality matched up with her character too. IU was praised as Cindy in 'Producer' but that's because she had other leads like Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun, and Kim Soo Hyun to help her lead. Nana wasn't a lead, she was a supporting role... They all just lack experience in general, which is why they get into controversies every time they get lead roles that they're not ready for."

"Their acting's about average but the reason they get criticized is because they still seem like idols even when they're acting. They look like IU who is acting, Suzy who is acting... their images as idols is way too strong and it distracts from the drama."

"I also think people have different standards when it comes to judging them, and people seem a lot more harsh with IU"

"Hyeri did well in 'Reply' but poorly in 'Entertainer', Suzy's just bad, IU seemed to do well as Cindy but her acting in 'Moon Lovers' is surprisingly bad. Nana surprised me with how good she is and how well she matched her character, especially with how she meshed in with so many other senior actors. Judging acting in itself is subjective anyway so it doesn't matter in the end but it really does piss me off to see some idols who are clearly so bad at acting."

"There's a difference in that Suzy and IU first became famous as singers whereas Hyeri or Im Siwan became famous for their drama roles so it's awkward for viewers to adjust to watching singers on screen."



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