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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Park Yoohwan reps confirm he was in a relationship with the woman for 4 years

Article: [Exclusive] Park Yoohwan reps, "He was in a relationship with A for 4 years but it's difficult to see that as a common-law marriage"

Source: Asia Econ via Nate

1. [+1,201, -202] I'm a woman too but sometimes I think women nowadays are hopeless... considering the timing, he really might be being framed

2. [+988, -141] Hmm... this smells fishy too...

3. [+934, -151] It sounds like she was waiting for this timing. If they no longer have feelings for each other, they should break up cleanly. Women are scary.

4. [+70, -13] So did he introduce her to his parents? Were they practically a married couple in all sense except a wedding or what? Did the women invest thousands in a wedding fund since they were living together? Sounds like they were just living together but he dumped her so she got pissed and sued him.

5. [+65, -5] I was curious to see how old he was and looked him up and he's a '91er. He's barely 26 years old and she's suing him for breaking a common-law marriage ㅋㅋ And if she's in her early thirties, then she must at least be 6-7 years older than him. That's quite shameless of her. Is she trying to hold him down out of desperation? Or is she trying to get money out of him? If you're done being lovers, have some respect for the other and move on.

6. [+45, -11] Wow, women are now even demanding marriage rights over just a dating relationship

7. [+39, -5] I don't really want to jump to conclusions after hearing only one side anymore

8. [+38, -1] For your relationship to be recognized as a common-law marriage, you need to have proof that your relationship was practically that of a married one just without any registration, like a newlywed home or a wedding or a honeymoon vacation. Just dating isn't enough.

9. [+37, -2] For the court to recognize it as a common-law marriage... you have to be living together and one of you had to have gone around saying that your partner is your fiance, etc. Women shouldn't misunderstand thinking that living together is enough to consider it a common-law marriage.

10. [+36, -2] If simply living together for 4 years is considered common-law marriage now... then damn, there are a lot of young married couples on the streets nowadays

11. [+36, -2] Nowadays I feel like the women are just as weird.. sure celebrities have issues with their actions but it's not only their responsibility to blame if you look at both sides

12. [+32, -2] So the woman is demanding compensation for Park Yoohwan "breaking" their relationship, which she's claiming was a common-law marriage. Obviously they were just dating and she got dumped. For non-celebrities, cases like this that go to court end up getting dismissed if they don't have a kid together.

13. [+29, -0] Damn they dated for 4 years and she wants to screw him over that badly that she's suing him...



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