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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Krystal dresses simply for the airport

Article: Krystal 'face full of irritation'

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+690, -61] She always has the same facial expression, looking rotten

2. [+527, -45] Such a difference from her facial expressions when she's in China

3. [+513, -143] Honestly I've never considered her pretty, but I guess that's the difference in preference... She's just thin and tall, I don't know why she gets all these CF deals. Victoria and Sulli are the real pretty ones.

4. [+57, -8] Other idols get all sorts of sh*t just for furrowing their bras, why are people so lenient with her all the time?

5. [+51, -2] She's just rotten to the care, her sister too

6. [+48, -2] You guys are the ones who shielded her calling her chic when she's been arrogant like this since her debut

7. [+44, -1] Jessica and Krystal always have the same rotten facial expressions. It's the reason why I don't like the Jung sisters.

8. [+39, -3] Her facial expression is always like that

9. [+33, -0] She always looks irritated whether it's warm or cold outside ㅋㅋ I actually find it strange when she's smiling. If this is just a concept, she should find a new one.

10. [+22, -3] She acts like some major Hollywood star who's bombarded by paparazzi all the time

11. [+22, -1] Well her facial expression is rotten on the regular so what's new..

12. [+22, -1] I saw her in Chungdamdong looking like this too ㅋㅋㅋ



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