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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Does winning #1 on digital charts hold meaning anymore?

Article: Do you really deserve to be #1 on the digital chart?

Source: News 1 via Naver

Talks about how singers love to boast about being #1 on digital charts but it's usually only for moments at a time and questions the integrity of actually winning these achievements.

1. [+124, -3] We need to get rid of real time charts~~ just keep it to daily. Having real time charts just promotes unnecessary competition between songs.

2. [+109, -13] Well when a song hits #1, I admit I end up listening to it out of curiosity... But I have noticed that complete rookies end up at the top of the charts without any real reason or attention and it's because Loen is the distributor

3. [+107, -16] Melon and Hanteo are the cancers of our music industry and only serve to promote digital and physical sajaegi. Get rid of the two sites and create a singular, official platform like iTunes where only your performance on iTunes matter as the #1 song in Korea. I can't trust any of the Korean digital sites because of all the sajaegi that runs rampant and distribution companies blatantly putting up a song at #1 that doesn't deserve to be there.

4. [+64, -4] Yeah, the truly good songs usually end up buried

5. [+67, -8] A song has to be visible to the eye in order to be heard with charts like these. The average listener is just going to press 'play the top 100' on real time or daily charts so any song that doesn't make it into the top 100 will usually never be heard. How can anyone find those songs?

6. [+45, -1] I don't understand the digital charts lately. I'll listen to the #1 songs but they don't even sound that good. And the songs that end up being kicked off the charts don't sound bad either, there are actually a lot of good songs that end up kicked.

7. [+41, -1] The #1 song changes multiple times throughout the day... while some songs that were produced with a lot of effort still end up kicked off the charts... it's a conflicting reality.

8. [+36, -2] The majority of the songs in the top 100 are trash and only up there because of fandoms

9. [+25, -1] The change needs to begin with music shows. Music shows need to stop being a promotional outlet for idols and become actual shows that promote good music.

10. [+26, -3] Well I've noticed that good songs will eventually make their way up the charts, even if it isn't necessarily all the way to #1



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