Why did 4minute unfollow Hyuna on Instagram?

Article: '4minute disband' Members who left all unfollowed Hyuna

Source: YTN via Nate

1. [+517, -22] The way I see it, I think they all made the decision to leave together but the company held Hyuna back with better conditions so she decided to stay. And since it's the one member with the most influence, the rest of them didn't stand a chance. From Hyuna's perspective, maybe she's thinking she sacrificed and suffered a lot for the group while the rest of them think of her as a traitor?

2. [+493, -10] We don't know the details and we can't say much as the third party but they've been together for years now so I imagine Hyuna's feeling pretty bitter with it all ending like this too...

3. [+461, -88] This happened with Suzy and now again with 4minute. There must be something about women that we don't get...

4. [+67, -25] 4minute would've never gotten anywhere without Hyuna, just like miss A without Suzy. The members don't seem to know that and just feel jealous instead. The company only supporst that one member because she's who the public wants.

5. [+67, -8] But is unfollowing her on SNS necessary? Even SES and the Wonder Girls are still close to this day...

6. [+58, -6] They looked so close ㅋㅋㅋ but I guess even friendships don't matter in the face of money

7. [+45, -5] Didn't you guys learn from KARA ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it's all just a business relationship

8. [+39, -5] They were probably jealous that she was making all the money... I don't even understand how Sohyun or Jihyun became celebrities, literally no charms. Even as an MC for some beauty program... no charm.

9. [+36, -6] Other than JYP, companies don't seem to part in positive ways with their artists

10. [+29, -12] Whether they have a bad relationship now or they suddenly hate Hyuna, this just seems disrespectful to their fans

11. [+26, -7] I thought they ended things cleanly but they're being so childish now... so disappointed

12. [+23, -2] There's a reason why girl groups never last. Girls are passive aggressive and jealous and love to split into sides and talk behind your back. You can't have a long running group with that.