[Pann] Korean supermarkets become a 'Suzy tour'

Pann: Suzy shows her status at the supermarket

"Went to the supermarket but I feel like I went on a Suzy tour instead."

1. [+194, -28] Suzy's only 22 years old but has her own BMW car, a cafe for her mother in her hometown, and moved her family to a Samsungdong apartment along with a Taekwondo studio for her father in the apartment. Antis can hate on her all she wants but Suzy has already made all the money she could want in the world and will continue to be successful.

2. [+128, -22] Suzy remains the female idol one top (Only female idol on a list of most expensive celebrities in worth)

3. [+120, -58] Pretty face, amazing proportions, good singer, great person.. there's a reason she's the one top. Doesn't even feel like an idol anymore.

4. [+43, -8] I guess there's a reason everyone's obsessed with her

5. [+42, -1] I like Suzy because no matter how 'high worth' she is as a star and how much money she's making, she never flaunts luxury brands, drives a humble car, and gives back to charities and her family with the money she makes.

6. [+36, -9] I don't understand people who call Suzy dumb. While others were studying out of the books, Suzy studied singing and dance and earned success in her field as a result of it. It's just a difference in where she chose to put her effort in.

7. [+32, -2] I'm similar in age to Suzy and I'm really jealous. Bought her parents a house, a cafe... all the results of her own effort.

8. [+30, -6] Suzy will be the post Kim Tae Hee and Jun Ji Hyun