Jessi's agency denies rumors of her assaulting her manager

Article: 'Ssen unni' Jessi assaulted her manager? Agency, "Unfounded rumors"

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+667, -62] The truly scary types of people aren't people like Jessi but people like IU

2. [+648, -70] Anyone who's actually watched Jessi on TV would know that she just looks scary on the outside but she's a softie on the inside

3. [+500, -31] Let's stick to the facts, people~ Poor Jessi if these really are just false rumors

4. [+26, -3] Even just looking at pictures alone, IU's picture gives me the chills more than Jessi

5. [+24, -6] Jessi acts tough on the outside but she'd never assault anyone. She's a big softie at heart.

6. [+22, -2] She doesn't have a nasty personality, just acts dumb sometimes

7. [+18, -2] She acts tough but she's a softie


Source: Naver

1. [+5,057, -241] Sure she talks without thinking but she doesn't seem like the type to resort to violence... her personality didn't seem all that bad on 'Real Men'

2. [+3,551, -233] She looks like she has a temper but she's quite loyal and a softie at heart... she's close friends with Tiffany too. Don't make assumptions about her.

3. [+3,156, -141] I watched her on on a TV show and she really takes care of the people around her. She's not the type to resort to violence.

4. [+260, -19] She was really respectful and caring to adults on a TV show. Even when Jo Young Nam was giving her a hard time, she just laughed it off and took it in.

5. [+241, -14] She seemed really close with her manager on V app ㅋㅋ I'm really sick of these blind item articles that never give out the actual names, those people need to be sued