Court orders Japanese idol to pay fine for breaching no dating clause

Article: Japanese court orders idol to pay the penalty for breaching 'no dating' clause in contract

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

Around $5,500USD

1. [+1,461, -87] Honestly, our idols keep it hush hush but I bet they're all dating. Some make it obvious on Instagram, some get caught by Dispatch... These idols are the ones telling their fans that they're dating them but then turn around and date other idols.

2. [+1,191, -98] Shouldn't this have been expected? For an idol to have a gf/bf means the fans will leave them and obviously there's going to be less income then, which is bad for the company... there are things that idols need to give up for the amount of money they're making.

3. [+118, -6] It's in the contract that she can't date, she shouldn't have signed it if she wanted to date. You can't just live life however you want in a company. Everyone in a company acts according to the rules.

4. [+108, -6] Japan is ruthless when it comes to breaching contracts. Our country is way too soft.

5. [+111, -13] Makes Koreans look so soft by comparison. It's honestly not fair for idols to be able to do whatever they want on top of all the money they're making, that's shameless. They can wait until after their contracts are over.

6. [+76, -1] I can't even tell which side is the audience and which side is the idol group with that picture... why do they have so many members...

7. [+69, -4] A contract is a contract...;;; idols are just products and companies are not charities. You work according to the contract.

8. [+71, -10] I honestly find Korea weird for idols going public with relationships... foreign idols are super careful with dating just for the fact that they're an idol, but Korean idols don't seem to care at all...